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technical specifications




PE-TECH HDPE Pipes are used for high-pressure potable water, agricultural and industrial applications. These pipes are manufactured using the most modern pipe manufacturing technology utilizing German-made machinery and adapting German technology. These equipment, from the extruders to the winders utilizes the most modern microprocessor controls to ensure that these pipes conform with the highest quality standards.

PE-Tech pipes are manufactured using vacuum-sizing technique as it is the latest, most versatile, most uniform and proven method in the world. This production method is supplemented with the high efficiency output rate of our machines having one of the fastest production lines in the world.

PE-Tech pipes is licensed by the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) under the modified Quality Product Standards mark (Q Mark) and is DAO-1 compliant certified and is accredited by the Local Water Utilities Administration ( LWUA ).



For high pressure potable water supply.
For pressurized irrigation watering system.
For potable water distribution from source to end-user.
For telecommunication applications.
For irrigation and watering systems for farms, plantations and nurseries.
Can be used for waste water applications.